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Gardening and Food Storage

Welcome to Your Gardening and Food Storage Resource

There once was a time when having a garden and setting food by was recognized as a necessity for survival for each family, and now things are coming full circle.

Most people don’t have a root cellar with stores set by, as Grandma or Great Grandma had. However, times have changed. We must now be prepared to grow and store as much of our own food as we can.

Garden centers, seed companies and nurseries are doing more business than they’ve done for decades. More and more gardeners are growing heirloom or non-hybrid seeds and plants because they haven’t been genetically modified, and seeds can be saved from one year’s crop for the next year.

Gardening has taken on greater significance and is now more than just one of America’s most popular hobbies. Similarly, there has been a renewed interest in canning and long term food storage.

People from all walks of life are gardening for the first time, while others are expanding their gardens. This is thanks in part to the downturn in the economy and widespread reports of e. coli and Salmonella in foods like hamburger, spinach, peppers, peanut butter, and eggs.

Disease outbreaks such as widespread flu have emphasized the importance of eating wholesome food that helps build the immune system as well.

There’s nothing quite so miraculous and satisfying as filling a salad bowl with cool, crisp greens or putting the thick slice of a red tomato on a burger and knowing they came from tiny seeds you planted and nurtured. As a gardener you become enthusiastic about possibilities, and when you share what you grow with others you share a little of yourself.

Whether you’re a gardening pro or a newbie, gardening is endlessly fascinating because it can be done in many ways, in many places, and with so many different vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Explore the pages here by scrolling the sidebar to the left. Discover gardening and food storage resources to help you with simple and natural gardening and preserving, whether you’re growing on an acre plot in the country, in containers on a balcony downtown, or even in a hydroponics greenhouse.

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